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Carelife Medical located in Fairfax & North Chesterfield, Virginia, is a medical practice focused on delivering “high-value Internal Medicine & Primary Care services. The friendly and competent staff, led by our Senior Medical Director, Fatima Aziz MD, clinically evaluate and treat both adult men and women. With an inviting office that is easily accessible with attached parking, the Carelife Medical team listens and attends to your medical queries and needs with utmost professionalism in order to help guide the patients towards choosing the right direction for her or his medical care.

Carelife Medical services incorporate the latest tools available for Telehealth offering its patients easy access from wherever they may be. Ever so mindful of patient health information privacy, the team utilizes secure and HIPAA compliant electronic medical record systems, while giving patients access to their relevant healthcare information through a protected patient portal. 

Along with general primary care, the  practice focuses on specific medical services including Medicare Programs, such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Immigration Physicals, Covid-19 and other Infectious Disease testing and evaluations, including Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The supportive staff ensures that patients feel comfortable throughout their clinical evaluation process and can speak freely about any concerns they may have about their individual health.

The team at Carelife Medical working in collaboration with its counterpart, Carelife Style, also offers Acne evaluation and treatments. As health is more than disease management but also should focus on well-being, Carelife Style, working in tandem with Carelife Medical, balances these needs with aesthetic enhancements that patients may desire. The services offered by Carelife Style include Fat Destruction and Body-Contouring utilizing the latest energy-based technologies through Cutera, such as TruSculpt® 3D body, Tattoo Removal with Enlighten® laser, or Skin Rejuvenation with Laser Genesis and ablative and non-ablative Resurfacing for scars from Acne or Rosacea. Such FDA approved laser technologies are also used to help alleviate wrinkles and support skin tightening. To help patients maintain the results of skin treatments between appointments, Carelife Style offers specialized Image® skin care products. 

No matter which aspect of your health and wellness needs attention, the team at Carelife Medical & Carelife Style is ready to create an effective treatment plan. To improve your appearance, keep up on your preventive care, or ask questions about your health and wellness, schedule an appointment at Carelife Medical today. Carelife Medical is committed to being Partners in Your Health.


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