Laser Treatments


Are you tired of conventional surgeries and medications that can be painful and time-consuming for your skin care needs?

If you wish for a different approach to enhance the look and feel of your skin skin, then you are at the right place.

Dr. Fatima Aziz, along with her Aesthetic Care Team at Carelife Style, are experienced clinicians who are here for you and can sit with you to determine the best course of action towards getting that healthier and fresher appearing skin that you’ve been looking for.

Along with conventional cosmeceutical options, the Carelife Style team can also provide more advanced non-invasive energy based treatments through lasers. Whether you are eager to diminish those annoying scars or remove the spidery superficial veins, or just wanting a more revitalized skin, various treatment techniques through lasers exist.

Rehabilitate Your Damaged Skin Through Lasers

Carelife Style utilizes the latest laser technology to tackle some of the hardest skin blemishes. Lasers unlike more superficial skin treatments penetrate into the deeper dermal layers which allows the treatments to be far more effective. The lasers are specifically tailored for specific wavelengths targeting various components of the skin involved in skin remodeling and rejuvenation. So whether you’re looking to fight acne or remove excess hair or suppress unwanted superficial veins, a laser based treatment may be a great way to go.

Spider veins, skin laxity, wrinkles or rosacea can all be treated effectively and safely by laser treatments at Carelife Style.

An example of effective skin revitalizing laser treatment is Laser Genesis, a quick, safe and relaxing “lunchtime laser facial” that is a wonderful rejuvenating treatment for almost any type of skin. These can also be combined with other modalities to achieve even better results.

How Much Time Does the Skin Take to Recover?

To be truly effective, multiple laser sessions may be needed. However, the laser treatments at Carelife Style are generally very safe and most such treatments do not require any special recovery time or medications. Avoiding sun and using sunscreen, however, is a universal recommendation when receiving laser or energy based treatments, whether that is for hair removal or hyperpigmentation.

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You can get rid of recurring acne by taking several sessions with Dr. Aziz as Laser Genesis results don’t come overnight. For more details, visit our surgical centre for availing amazing treatment packages or book an online appointment here.

How to Get An Appointment?

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How Much Time Does the Skin Take to Recover?

You will need multiple sessions of laser treatment for perfect results. However, the laser treatments at CareLife Medical & Style cause no after-effects and do not require any special recovery time or medications. You may be prescribed a sunscreen to go outside, but other than that, you are good to go out.