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Do you have a question about your COVID-19 Screening ?

Do you have a question about your COVID-19 Screening ?

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Our patients’ health and safety is our utmost priority. We want to continue to support you during these difficult times.

CareLife Medical & Style is committed to providing you with medical advice from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Syed Ashraf MD FHM Dr. Ashraf is an American Board of Internal Medicine certified physician with nearly two decades of clinical experience in both primary care and hospital-based medicine. He has an extensive background in medical leadership, health care quality and utilization improvement measures, student and resident education and is published in academic journals. Throughout his medical career and education, he has had several achievements and has been part of medical organizations that represent the highest levels of scientific integrity, including: Fellow, Society of Hospital Medicine; Member of the American College of Physicians and WV-ACP Conference Case Presentation First Place Award Recipient; “Alumni Scholar” Award and Scholarship, University of Connecticut; “Day of Pride” Honoree, University of Connecticut.

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