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Even though numerous experts recommend annual primary care visits for adults, only 62% of adults keep up on them. At CareLife Medical in Fairfax & Richmond, Virginia, Fatima Aziz, MD, provides thorough primary care physicals to get to know you as a patient and make sure you follow healthy habits at home. Book your next physical at CareLife Medical by phone or online today.

Primary Care Physicals Q & A

What are primary care physicals?

Primary care physicals are an essential step in taking care of yourself and catching signs of diseases and complications early. 

Additionally, primary care physicals at allow you to become familiar with Dr. Aziz so she can treat you more effectively in the future. 

During a primary care physical, Dr. Aziz visually examines you and performs tests to ensure that various parts of your body function properly. 

You don’t have to be sick or injured for a primary care physical, but you should be prepared to ask any questions that you have about your health and bring up any changes that you’ve noticed in the way your body works.

Following a primary care physical, you’ll know the state of your health so you can rest easy. Even if Dr. Aziz catches signs of a new condition, it’s important to remember that catching it early could mean the difference between a quick, simple solution and lengthy, complex treatment.

What happens during a primary care physical?

During your primary care physical, Dr. Aziz first asks about your medical history and any new symptoms or health updates since your last visit. You must tell her about any new medications you take and answer any health-related questions she has.

The next steps of your physical include:

  • Checking your heart rate
  • Listening to your breathing
  • Reading your blood pressure
  • Palpating your abdomen to feel for abnormalities
  • Viewing your hair, skin, and nails
  • Testing your reflexes and movements

Dr. Aziz may also request some lab testing, meaning that you may need a blood draw. She uses the sample to count your blood cells and analyze the chemistry of your blood to screen for signs of disease.

How often do I need a primary care physical?

Ideally, you should get a primary care physical at least once per year. However, your requirements may differ depending on certain factors related to your age or health. 

If you smoke, have a chronic condition, or are at risk of getting a chronic condition because of your genetics, Dr. Aziz might recommend that you get primary care physicals more often than your peers.

If you’re due for a primary care physical exam, book an appointment by phone or online at CareLife Medical today.