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Medicare Chronic Care Management


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Partners in Your Health - Chronic Care Management

Eligibility for CCM

  • Medicare recipients
  • Two or more active chronic diseases


Benefits for CCM at Carelife Medical

  • Patient Liaison to help guide you through the program enrollment 
  • Personalized health and disease goals created by medical providers
  • Access to health and wellness app that will remind you to take your medications, stay on the right diet and activity
  • Monthly “check-in” to make ensure you stay on track with your care plan
  • 24/7 access to dedicated Care Coordinators (not a phone answering service)
  • Minimal monthly co-pay (which may be as little as none if have supplementary gap coverage
  • Flexibility and the right to cancel the program at any time 


Contact us today to learn more

(877) 3-CCMMED or (877) 322-6633 


About Your Patient Liaison Julia Freed, RN

Julia Freed, a registered nurse of almost 10 years, has assumed the role of Patient Liaison at CareLife Medical in order to help transition patients into the Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program.  As the Patient Liaison, Julia is the first point of contact for educating patients about the benefits of the CCM program.  She also serves as a resource for questions, helps with scheduling initial appointments, and guides the patients as they go through the steps of program enrollment.