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Laser Treatments Specialist


Internal Medicine & Primary Care located in Annandale, VA

The newest laser technology can smooth skin, remove age spots, decrease wrinkles, and even remove unwanted hair. At CareLife Style, the team offers laser treatments for all your aesthetic needs. Learn more about how lasers can help you by calling the Fairfax, Virginia, office or clicking the online scheduling link.

Laser Treatments Q & A

How do laser treatments for hair removal work? 

CareLife Style uses the Excel V laser for hair removal. This state-of-the-art laser delivers light energy into the hair roots, where it deactivates the follicles to prevent regrowth. 

You can have laser hair removal in any area with unwanted hair. The most popular treatment areas include the:

  • Underarms
  • Upper lip
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Bikini area

Your hair grows in cycles, so you need a series of treatments to fully address unwanted hair in a specific area. 

What kind of laser treatments can help with skin tightening?

CareLife Style uses Laser Genesis, a leading skin rejuvenation laser from Cutera®. This laser gently heats the dermis, the skin layer beneath the surface, to start new collagen and elastin modeling. Collagen adds firmness and smooths facial lines, while elastin helps to restore skin tightness.

Laser Genesis treatments are entirely comfortable and noninvasive. This treatment works by stimulating internal changes, so you notice steady improvement over time. With a series of treatments about one month apart, you can see impressive results. 

What kind of laser treatments can help with age spots and blood vessels?

PICO Genesis is a skin revitalization treatment that addresses pigmented areas like age spots, sun spots, and melasma. 

PICO Genesis is a nonthermal laser, which means it heats only unwanted pigmentation. It doesn’t disrupt your healthy skin, and the laser even encourages your body to make new collagen for skin smoothing and support. 

You may see good results with as few as one or two PICO Genesis treatments. 

How do I prepare for laser treatments?

CareLife Style gives you instructions well in advance of your laser treatment. The exact preparation depends on what kind of procedure you’re having, but in general, you need to stay out of the sun and avoid harsh facial treatments in the weeks before your laser treatment. 

Before laser hair removal, you usually have additional instructions, including discontinuing plucking and waxing. But, you can shave before laser hair removal. 

From skin rejuvenation to hair removal, CareLife Style has the best-in-class lasers to help you get the results you want. Click on the online appointment scheduler or call the office to book your laser treatment.