The Xeo Difference

Modern dermatology is all about laser and light-based treatments. When it comes to laser and light systems, there’s no better than xeo. With xeo, your dermatologist will be able to handle and take care of any cosmetic issue that’s bothering you whether it’s hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, excess hair, or apparent veins.

Xeo uses Nd:YAG, laser genesis, and other technologies to deliver lasers to your skin in order to address any problems. It does this in a very limited number of procedures and with minimal discomfort. This means you’ll be able to proceed with your life naturally.

Xeo Procedures

Laser Genesis

The Laser Genesis procedure is a great one in order to even out and polish skin. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular procedures for the treatment and removal of acne scars. You should see significant results after just one 20-30 minute session with Laser Genesis. You won’t need any sort of anesthesia either as the procedure is completely harmless. You’ll just need to cover your eyes with goggles.

Pearl Fractional

Pearl Fractional procedures require some anesthesia as opposed to Laser Genesis, but they have more applications. Apart from treating acne scars, Pearl Fractional works to eliminate large pores, wrinkles, and any skin irregularities too. The laser used by the technology stimulates damaged skin to heal itself by removing the top layer while leaving healthy skin unaffected.

By removing the top layer to clear imperfections and promote healthy healing of skin, Pearl Fractional leaves skin a little raw. So you can expect a 10-12 day downtime after the procedure. By the end of 30 days following the procedure you’ll start to notice significant improvement as your skin repairs itself properly.

Skin Revitalization Therapy

This actually uses a combination of technologies rather than a single one to yield greater results in a short period of time. xeo 2D Skin Revitalization Therapy combines Limelight and Laser Genesis technologies to remove scars, redness, and brown spots from the skin.

xeo 3D Revitalization Therapy adds Titan to Limelight and Laser Genesis for the same purposes in addition to combating signs of aging such as wrinkles. Both procedures are associated with almost no downtime.


xeo comes with a variety of handpieces, each with a particular purpose and technology that gives it an edge for that purpose.


When it comes to hair removal, vascular lesions such as veins, pigmented lesions, and skin resurfacing, Nd:YAG is one of the best. By using a particular wavelength, Nd:YAG can be used for up to 15 different conditions and is great for all skin types. It’s also associated with no downtime.


LimeLight uses non-invasive light to adjust skin particularly when it comes to pigmentation. This handpiece is probably the most useful one to treat sunspots and pigmentation such as melasma. It’s also useful for vascular lesions such as small veins on the face or legs. Overall, as the name implies, LimeLight is the go to technology for all issues related to the complexion.

ProWave LX

ProWave LX is to hair removal what LimeLight is to the complexion. Whether you need hair removed from your back or a tiny region of your face, ProWave LX can get it done with ease and comfort. It’s time to give up constant shaving and worrying about hair in undesirable areas. Live with comfort after one or a couple of sessions of ProWave LX.


AcuTip can be used for very small areas of abnormal pigmentation. It’s based on cryotherapy but avoids the disadvantages of most other cryotherapy modalities. People often fear cryotherapy because it’s associated with some scarring and rarely hypopigmentation. AcuTip is a safe form of cryo and is a precise tool to eliminate small spider veins on the face without worrying about side effects.


Titan’s effects are unparalleled when it comes to combating aging. As opposed to cryotherapy, infrared can be used to heat skin in order to improve its quality. Titan is a prime example of a premium infrared light source. By heating the deeper skin layers, the device will tighten skin and stimulate the formation and growth of collages which is responsible for giving skin its strength.

The main use of Titan is as an anti-aging tool to combat wrinkles. It’s often used on the face, neck, beneath the chin, and on the abdomen. Not to mention that it can be combined with LimeLight and Laser Genesis in a 3D Skin Revitalization Procedure.

Pearl Er:YSGG

Not all skin lesions are deep, some can be restricted to the superficial layer of the skin called the epidermis. Pearl Er:YSGG is a decent option for these superficial skin imperfections which can include age spots and wrinkles.

Your dermatologist will decide whether your cosmetic complaints are superficial and can be treated using this technology or if they’ll need something with more penetrating power.

Pearl Fractional Er:YSGG

We’ve already talked about this before as one of the prominent technologies in a xeo platform’s arsenal. Pearl Fractional laser is one of the top options for acne scars along with Laser Genesis. Some of its other uses include treating enlarged pores, wrinkles, and skin irregularities in general.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll face up to 12 days of downtime as the procedure will leave the skin raw. If you’ve had a recent session and haven’t seen any improvement, just give it some time. You might only start noticing skin healing after a couple of weeks.

It’s clear that xeo systems have all the technology needed to deal with dermatological problems. Your problem could be acne scars, wrinkling, or hyperpigmentation, xeo has what it takes to deal with it all. Consult your doctor and he or she will be able to tell you what would suit your condition best. Discuss treatment options and plan how many sessions it’ll take.

At the end, you’ll certainly be satisfied with your skin and the results. The bright side is that most of these technologies have no downtime so your life won’t be affected at all.

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