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Pico Genesis

For reality stars that are constantly being filmed, sometimes without make-up, bright, even, and radiant skin is a high priority. Sonja Morgan is one of the stars of the Real Housewives franchise and, living in New York City, she has a variety of cosmetic treatment options at her disposal.

In fact, Sonja is refreshingly candid about her use of lasers and skincare products and has even had some of her procedures documented for the show.

She recently revealed that she relies on Pico Genesis to keep her skin youthful and looking camera-ready.

What Is Pico Genesis?

Pico Genesis is an in-office treatment that can address numerous aesthetic concerns, and Sonja swears by it to target discoloration and redness in her skin.

This laser not only eliminates hyperpigmentation but works especially well on lighter sun spots that may be resistant to intense pulsed light (IPL) or other treatments.

Aesthetic experts also note that Pico Genesis improves the overall quality of the skin leaving it brighter, clearer, and more radiant.

How Does Pico Genesis Work?

Pico Genesis uses very fast pulses that produce less heat to break-up pigment in freckles, sun spots, and melasma. More specifically, it employs highly-focused mechanical energy, rather than thermal energy, to improve hyperpigmentation and rejuvenate the deeper layers of skin.

As a result, Pico Genesis is able to concentrate solely on the problem areas while leaving the healthy surrounding skin unaffected.

For this reason, it’s a safe and effective treatment option for all skin types. In fact, it substantially reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that patients with dark skin tones often experience with other lasers.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

According to Sonja, Pico Genesis is quite comfortable compared to lasers she has experienced in the past. She describes the treatment process as more of an annoyance than pain.

Furthermore, she believes that each pulse feels like static cling or a zapping sensation.

Maintaining Pico Genesis Results

While her dermatologist would like her to receive a Pico Genesis treatment every few weeks to maintain her results, Sonja admits that her busy schedule prevents her from complying.

However, in between sessions, she follows a consistent skincare regimen with products containing antioxidants, vitamin C, and resveratrol.

For additional information about Pico Genesis treatments, please call CareLife Style to schedule a consultation.

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