I Tried Trsculpt 3D, Here's What Happened

So, you might have heard about truSculpt 3D. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re wondering a few key items.

First, what’s the difference between this and all the other products out there? Second, does it hurt? And third, is this really gonna reduce the size of my belly?

These are all fine questions. Tatiana Boncompagni of Charlottes Book shares her take on the truSculpt 3D process.

Melting fat in 15 minutes

The truSculpt 3D procedure uses radiofrequency technology to melt fat. Because radiofrequency energy can bypass the skin, it can target fat deep within the body.

And it does all of this in 15 minutes. Compare this to similar fat reduction treatments which take 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Not only that, but truSculpt 3D also offers a skin tightening effect that other fat reduction treatment options simply don’t.

That is to say, truSculpt 3D not only boasts a more precise and flexible method of targeting fat, it does it all in less time.

All of this sounds great, but what does the actual process feel like? After all, if it’s melting fat, wouldn’t that hurt?

Not pain-free, but manageable

Boncompagni describes the treatment as starting out feeling like a hot stone massage and ending with the feeling of iron in a very, very low setting. It’s enough to be uncomfortable, but well within the limits of tolerable.

Given its shorter treatment time as well, this makes the procedure quite bearable–especially for the results that it gives. Patients who use truSculpt 3D see 24 percent reduction in localized fat with just a single treatment.

Who’s a good candidate for truSculpt 3D? Generally, those who lead healthy and active lifestyles but have difficulty getting the last inch of fat off their waist. truSculpt 3D is not a weight loss procedure.

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