Fat Reduction



Non-invasive fat reduction is huge, and it’s huge for a reason. People want to slim down their waists without the long recovery times that a surgical method like liposuction brings–and it seems like new innovative products for non-invasive fat reduction are coming out regularly.

Of course, what this means for those products it that the market is more competitive than ever. Not only do you have to give me a great product, you have to prove to me it’s better than the already fantastic competition.

So, what’s a product like truSculpt 3D bring to the fold that other fat reduction treatments don’t?

How Fat Reduction Works

If you don’t know the basics of non-invasive fat reduction, it’s actually pretty simple. The vast majority of non-invasive fat reduction treatments out there utilize temperature and the vulnerability of fat to temperature to kill fat.

What’s this mean? It means that temperatures that kill fat won’t damage the surrounding tissue. Hence, treatments like CoolSculpting and other similar products.

The truSculpt 3D procedure is no different in operating on this principle, though it differs from the popular CoolSculpting by using radiofrequency technology to heat up the fat and melt it away.

But what’s the advantage of that? For one thing, radiofrequency can target deep inside the body in a way that CoolSculpting can’t, and, more than that, the heat has a skin tightening effect that many other products simply don’t.

Essentially, one of the main differences between different fat reduction products is the way they target the fat — specifically, the distribution of the fat killing. With truSculpt 3D, you’re able to target fat in a penetrating fashion unique to radio-frequency technology — and contour the body in ways that only this kind of depth hitting technology allows.

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