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Erase Your Regret With Enlighten Laser

Tattoo regret is real, and it’s common.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the stars: from Angelina Jolie to Khloe Kardashian, more than a few celebrities have sported tattoos and posted up the removal on social media.

But laser tattoo removal can be a somewhat painful process. That’s where Enlighten comes in.

Enlighten: The Next Generation of Tattoo Removal

Enlighten is the next generation of tattoo removal. Using dual wavelength and dual pulsed lasers, Enlighten is meant to take your tattoo off of you in less time, with less pain, and with fewer treatment sessions.

But how’s it work? What’s dual-wavelength and why’s it better than a single wavelength? It all comes down to the way pigment responds to the lasers that are supposed to be removing them. Different wavelengths remove different colors at different depths and different particle sizes. Ultimately, using just one wavelength might not be enough to fully remove the pigmentation.

Meanwhile, the dual pulse relates to the speed at which the laser can heat up the pigment. The slower a laser heats up, the more collateral damage to the skin. But Enlighten can, amazingly, heat up the pigmentation in the matter of picoseconds, thousands of times faster than a traditional laser.

What’s this mean for you? It means that the tattoo is broken up into smaller and more manageable particles, and easier to remove from the start.

Overall, all of these factors work in conjunction to make Enlighten the next generation in laser tattoo removal — significantly more effective than traditional lasers, and less painful too.

Are you a good candidate for Enlighten to remove your tattoos? Depending on how colorful your tattoo is, or how deeply inked it is, you might benefit from Enlighten if traditional tattoo removal isn’t enough.

We work hard to ensure each client has a customized tattoo removal plan that works for them.

Call 703-854-1298 to request a consultation!

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